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cycling towards east

written in : tatvan (TR) on : 2005-05-30 10:40:41.0 kilometer: 3670

since the 17 of april i am on tour again. after my accitend on my first trip to asia, in india
i decided to try it again starting cycling from my homeplace vienna. i had bad luck by recieving so much on rain towards hungary romania and parts of bulgaria. by privat reasons
i had to take for 540km puplic transport in romania to bucuresti. so from there i "restart"
my tour. an important point of a biketrip is after a long day of "fighting" against the motor
ists to find a "remote" campspot for recovering. this will become more difficult if you do
not stay far enough from villages. so i had a night an unwelcome visit from an big dog.
for this it"s always handy to keep a couple of stones handy... as well during the day dogs
can be a hassle. watch out for the potholes and at the same time trying to push the
agressive dogs away. so they keep you using y! our "7 sences". since 24 days i am now in
turky. mostly i had great meetings with the people inviting me for cay. it"s just the fight
to be acceptet on the road as a cyclist. so as often as possible i try to take remote parts.
especially as the last strech was in kurdistan. there i had a very inspiering strech what
already remainds me on the kkh from pakistan to china. as well i had a dirt road strech
because on the fights the army had with the kurds 20 jears ago people told me when
they wantet me to give me a lift. today i reach tatvan on the bizzar van lake.
in between the next 5 days i plan to reach iran.

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